Domiciliary Care Allowance to Disability Allowance

Hope you are well after the bad weather we had recently. Now that spring is in the air, we are all looking forward to a nice change with the season. As the seasons change, it reminds me of the financial changes in people’s lives such as Domiciliary Care to Disability Allowance. A question I am regularly asked from the families I work with is: What happens when we my...

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Welcome and congratulations on the birth of your new baby! We hope we can help you and your family to celebrate and welcome your son or daughter.

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About LDS

Our voluntary association was formed on the 7th of march 1995 to provide support to families with children with Down Syndrome. We currently represent over 60 families throughout county Laois. We are working on setting up a forum for all disabilities to address how we can ensure all individuals can access consistent services, support and education.

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